Mullan Roofing

Providing peace of mind by taking

the stress out of roofing

Headquartered in Chilliwack, our team at Mullan Roofing has been providing commercial and residential roofing services to businesses and homeowners across the Lower Mainland in British Columbia over the past 10 years. We are one of Chilliwack's fastest-growing roofing companies and our team is made up of multiple crews that each specialize in different types of roofing.


Our History

In 2008, our founder, Brian Mullan, started working closely with companies such as Home Depot and All-State Insurance to perform roof repairs and installations for homeowners and businesses in Ontario. During this time, he noticed how customers had little to no knowledge about the quality or workmanship of their roofs, and were often stressed over having to make huge financial decisions over their roofing issues.


Mullan Roofing was founded shortly after and our goal is to provide our customers with efficient and affordable roofing services and take the stress out of roofing.