Soffit, Fascia & Siding Installations & Repairs

Is it time to replace your siding, soffit & fascia?

In British Columbia, the big wind storms can also cause damage to your soffit and expose your fascia board to water damage and potential rot. Therefore, you should ensure that these elements of your roofing system are well maintained at all times to keep the internal structure of your home secure. 


At Mullan Roofing, we offer repairs and installations for soffits, fascia boards, and sidings across Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley region in BC.

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Soffit Installation & Repairs

The soffit provides ventilation for your roof, preventing moisture from damaging the structural foundations of your home. We have a wealth of experience installing aluminum and vinyl soffits, with a wide range of colors for you to choose from.


For soffit damages, we can help you repair your soffits or identify the best materials and replace your soffits promptly.

Fascia Board Installation

If you are looking to replace your soffit or gutter systems, replacing your fascia board at the same time will ensure that your siding, soffit, and fascia boards have matching designs to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. 


We offer wooden fascia board installations with the option of customized metal fascia capping to prevent the wood from rotting while maintaining the shape of the current fascia board.

fascia metal cap
Elegant blue horizontal vinyl siding, sh

Vinyl Siding Installation & Repairs

On top of adding to the aesthetics of your home, your siding provides your home with insulation and protection against moisture damage. However, constant exposure to the weather elements could cause your siding to wear out and lose its effectiveness.


We offer vinyl siding installation and repair services. Vinyl is a cost-effective material with little to no maintenance required. If your vinyl siding is fading or warping, a simple vinyl siding repair might be the solution to your problems. However, if your siding has sustained some serious damage, you might need to install new siding to protect your home in the long term.


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We provide great prices for our roofing services so that your roofing issues can be addressed by professionals. Leave your roof to the professionals. 




We offer 10 year warranties on our workmanship and 30 year warranties on our materials, so you can always fall back on us if any issues arise in the future.

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